10/03/201513:05VIA Techcrunch
Apple Watch gold

Batteriet på Apple Watch kan udskiftes

Apple er de senere år gået væk fra muligheden for, at man kunne skifte batteri i sine Apple Produkter. Men med Apple Watch går de i en anden retning.

Techchruch skriver følgende

Well, when it comes to the battery at least, owners of Apple Watch will be able to extend its lifespan. An Apple spokesman confirmed to TechCrunch the “battery is replaceable”. Albeit, it’s not clear how much it will cost to send in your wearable to Apple to get it returned with a new cell in place.

The other potential obsolescence issue relates to the processor. It’s not clear whether Apple will offer any kind of CPU and/or RAM upgrade to existing owners. At the time of writing Apple had not responded to our request for clarification.

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