Keynote Apple Watch

Apple Watch – de første anmeldelser dukker op.

Bl.a. USA får snart muligheden for at få fingrene i det længe ventede Apple Watch, mens vi andre må vente lidt længere. Nu er de første anmeldelser begyndt at dukke op.

Bl.a. skriver Joshua Topolsky fra Bloomberg følgende:

So Apple has succeeded in its first big task with its watch. It made something that lives up to the company’s reputation as an innovator and raised the bar for a whole new class of devices. Its second task—making me feel that I need this thing on my wrist every day—well, I’m not quite sure it’s there yet. It’s still another screen, another distraction, another way to disconnect, as much as it is the opposite. The Apple Watch is cool, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to use. But it’s not essential. Not yet.

Nilay Patel fra The Verge skriver:

It’s also surprisingly heavy. I noticed when I was wearing it, and everyone who held it commented on the weight. That might simply be a function of how unfamiliar watches have become; my stainless steel Apple Watch with leather loop band weighs 2.9 ounces, which is more than my plastic Nixon’s 1.7 ounces or the 1.8-ounce Moto 360, but much less than my five-ounce Baume and Mercier. All in all, the Apple Watch isn’t light enough to fade away, but it’s also not so heavy that it’s a distraction.

Umiddelbart lyder det som et velkendt stukke Apple håndværk, men spørgsmålet er om man skal vente til 2. generation.

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